This video was just released the other day. They originally shot this footage October 14th of 2012, but for some reason the government wouldn't release the video of the GOPRO cameras attached to him until January 31st of 2014. I wanted to share it will all of you in case you don't see it. (I think they're playing it as an advertisement for the GOPRO cameras during the superbowl, but in case your not watching that you can find the link below.) I'd like to know all your thoughts on this. I personally think it's awesome that humans have progressed to the point where we can accomplish something like this. Something we not long ago thought was impossible. It's also cool to see how big our planet is. It takes him 5-6 minutes to free fall 24 miles. And despite just how high up he was, the earth still seemed so massive. It makes you realize how small we really are.

GoPro: Red Bull Stratos - The Full Story - YouTube

It's a pretty intense video though. I felt like I started sweating a little right before he jumps. I know I'm obviously not there, but I was nervous for him. I have no clue what would go through my mind if I were him. Although I am a bit confused because at one point during his free fall, his heart rate stops, and I know he mentioned that he felt like he needed to pass out, which he may have at that point for a few seconds, but even if he did, doesn't your heart rate continue even after you pass out? Although it may be slower, your heart doesn't just stop. It could have been random satellite interference though, like at that point in the video, maybe he was just going so fast that the signal which displays his heartrate was lost. That's the only explanation I can think of for something like that.

Also, the other thing that kind of bothered me, was the fact that he didn't have some type of stabilizer on him. I know it would create extra weight, and might of caused issues with the parachute at the end (maybe too much weight), but with todays technology I'm surprised they couldn't add like two little jets or something that would automatically level him out so he doesn't spin dramatically like he did before he entered our atmosphere.