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    Anime recommendations?

    As the title says, I'm looking for anime to watch, I'm currently watching Madoka Magica and could use something to watch once I finish this, any suggestions?

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    "Attack On Titans" I Guess...Its A Horror, Action...The Protago Is A Human Boy That Turns Into A Titan...

    "Beelzebub" It's About A High School Delinquint That Meets A Baby Demon Boy And The Demon Baby's Maiden...

    "FairyTail" No Need To Explain...TOTAL EPIC!

    "S.A.O.(Sword.Art.Online) It's About A Boy And A Girl That's In A MMORPG(I Think...)

    "Kuruko No Basuke" It's An Anime Take On Basketball.

    "Bleach" MASSIVE EPIIIIIIC! (DotaAnnouncerVoice[Firstblood!])

    So There Ya Go...Hope That Helped...


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