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    Tips for easytoon

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here,but I wanted to share some tips with you for easytoon.
    Tip 1:Well,I have made a couple animations with easytoon,and when I was drawing stick figures,they would never look the same.So what you could do is open paint,get the black paintbrush,zoom-in x6,and draw out your stick dude by doing close up pixels.When you have made all of your guy(s),put a select box over your stick dude.Then copy him.Now paste him in easytoon,and you have your guy easily created!
    Tip 2:Well if you have pivot,you'd know that it looks way better with physics and easing.Well,same way with easytoon.Physics and easing in easytoon are like pivot,start out barely moving the object your animating with,then making it spaced out more,and more,then it slightly goes down,and down.This is how Cheeser explained it [-][--][---][---][---][--][-].That's how they should be like for making physics look really good.
    Tip 3:Well,choppiness looks OK in easytoon,but the animation looks a lot better with-out choppiness.Make little,by little,movement,and if you want something to go REALLY fast,then it's good to make not a lot of spacing.
    Tip 4:Have you ever seen animations(Easytoon to be exact)that have kinda like blurs?Well here's how,say you want a ball to go fast.You start off with physics(Explained earlier)then once it starts to get going,kinda scribble at the opposite end that the ball is moving.Then make another frame,and scribble on it even more,and keep going till either it hits a wall,person ect.,or if it goes along way then starts to slow down.Or you could make it crash through a wall and has dust flying everywhere(Explained how in next step)
    Tip 5:We'll,I'm not too good with dust,but here's how I do it,when you are making something explode,have it hit something first,then once you do that,make a cloud of dust,not really big,actually pretty small depending on the object.Then color it the lightest shade that appears,then make another frame,make another cloud in the same spot,but make it different(Not bigger and not smaller)then color it a darker color.The next step is optional,you can either make the cloud darker,or make it lighter.Then make it in the same spot again,but make it lighter,until the clouds gone.
    Tip 6:I like making my animations not really fast,and not really slow.So for this tip,this is just recommending,go to View,Time interval,and set it to 7-10.That's usually a good speed.But if it's still slow,set it to 5,and if it's fast,set it higher.
    Tip 7:Have you ever noticed that when people shade,that they have no line?I Mean like,you know how when you get the paint bucket,there have to be lines to have it fill it in.Well if you've ever seen people doing that,it's because they probably make a line,fill it in,then erase the line so it looks good.I recommend that because it makes it look more realistic.This is also helpful for making people with no outlines on them.
    Tip 8:This is the final tip but this one is kinda important.This is how to insert,and delete frames.This is how I do it,I just make the animation w/o viewing it till I'm done,then I watch it,if it's bad looking in some places,I get to where it's looking bad,and either insert a frame to either add more smoothness,or add something,and deleting frames to make it look look better if you completely messed up on a frame.
    Tip 9:Well,this is based on explosions.There are a couple different ways to make explosions,and I'll tell you two for now,the classic(Cartoony)way.When you want something to explode,start out by making it's height about three,or two times it's size for the first frame.For the next frame,have it grow a little,but not a lot.Next frame,do the same thing.next frame do it yet again,(Have it grow a little).Next frame,it stays in the same place,but the clouds move around a little.Keep doing this fro two more frames,then have it start shrinking(Making it look smooth)till it disappears.(Lol,I said pears)Here's a more realistic looking way.Have the explosion start at about two to three times bigger than the object that's blowing up.Next,make the clouds stretch out except for the bottom one,and the lines(Ray)get thinner.Then keep repeating and to make it look better,put some color into it and make the colors fade away.

    Well,I'll be adding more tips,and maybe some examples to help you understand it better soon!!!=) )

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    Have You Heard Of Paragraph's????

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkOpal
    Have You Heard Of Paragraph's????
    Sorry for the Mini-Modding, but don't spam, Dude... That was pointless..

    Anyway, There's some nice tips here... I haven't used EZToon in a while,
    but I just might get back into it when I get a new mouse...
    Nice one!

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    the first rules is pointless , why waste time with paint ? srsly?.
    the rest are just basic knowledge.

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    its a fine tutorial, but people like tuts that can teach a 3 yr old and have pictures.


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