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    Cheech's Easytoons

    Hi, i'm Cheech, formerly known as Cooch. I stopped at pivot. Lost interest and now has no talent at it. Here are my easy toons. Newest near the bottom.

    Knife Kill (First easytoon animation)

    um, lol a smiley face jumping

    more later

    Dinosaur Comics

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    FIrst off, no. I think you know what that means.

    Second, you need to work on resizing. Your characters change shape and size often and they look "wobbly". Also, the movement of the sword lacked any sort of easing. In more words than necessary, easing is realistically speeding up and slowing down an action or object to mimic the forces of gravity and inertia. It should start out fast and end up slow as it is embedded in the skull, basically.

    Hope I helped.
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