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    Autodesk anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone here uses Autodesk 3Ds Max cause I heard some programs like Maya, Rhino, and Endorphin being talked about.

    I started taking a class in Autodesk a like last year, but I'm still in the...nooby stages of animating xD

    This is one of my recent projects. I was too lazy to put materials on it to make it look realistic so here's the link. The image is pretty big. I was gonna render it as an image, but it rendered wrong so I just took a screenshot.

    If it takes too long to load, I'll put a smaller image.
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    ? ? ? ?
    i have it , but suck at every aspect .

    but i CAN m ake a car crash inot some boxes .

    nice birgde , but i would have where eahc objects meet , make them blend more , HIGHLIGHT IT ALL and add a thin shell modifier , .


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