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Thread: my easytoons

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    Jul 2007

    my easytoons

    this is the best easytoon that i have made.
    as you will see, it is a crappy rip-off of the original wall

    http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa19 ... hewall.gif

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    Jul 2007
    sorry for the double post, but will someone please post a comment on this so i can know what to improve on.

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    Oct 2007
    On the Silkroad... Aka:Time Master
    that's pretty good
    you're way better than me
    but idk much about EZT so
    i can't help you much.
    But seriuosly, i'd say the animation was good
    all of it, the beam,the earth, and the wavy, fluid thing(its the best)
    so overall, i'd say 9.99/10.

    Mind giving me this funkin' Courtesy?
    -credz to stick_maniac for the sig

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