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    Update #3: Stykz (Dust Test)


    Ok here it is: Stykz Animation

    I think this is it....the Stykz animation I was talking about. I didn't do any action in here because frankly I'm currently horrible at stick animation, but I created the sticks.

    Mini Animation [1] <------ This is my very first finished action animation It's pretty short, because I'm notorious for never finishing really long animations. It seems like it's also slower than it was in the program... Tell me what you guys think...I hope it's not too bad lol.
    Also, can anyone direct me to a thread that talks about how to put animations directly onto my thread?

    Dust Test <------ Just wanted to see if I could accurately make dust based on what I've seen in other pivots. Comment please

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    Re: Big Question for the Administrators

    you can post them in freestyle, because stykz-anims arent rated here(even sometimes you cannot see any differece to pivot lol^^)


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