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    About Stykz (Download link + Info!)

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    Stykz 1.0 (Official Release) Is Now Available

    Although Adam did an excellent job announcing the availability (finally!) of Stykz 1.0, I figured I'd post the "official" announcement here since it's got more information about what's changed since the last public release...


    It's been almost a year since the last public release of Stykz (RC4, Build 205 back in December of 2009), but I'm thrilled to be able to announce that the OFFICIAL RELEASE of Stykz 1.0 is now available for download, either through "Check for Updates" inside Stykz RC4, or from the download page on the Stykz web site.

    During the last year, Stykz has been heavily tested by dozens of people across Mac and Windows platforms and in the process tons of bugs have been fixed and a few features added or refined. You can read the full release notes, but here are some key additions to Stykz 1.0:

    • Support for importing Pivot 3 .stks (sprites in a .stk are skipped - but the rest of the .stk is imported)

    • You can drag .stk and .styk files from the desktop into an open document to import it

    • GIF output is completely managed by a separate bundled command-line app (GIFsicle), so exported .gif files are much smaller, optimized, and fully compatible with all apps (AFAICT)

    • You can remove a node from a polyfill-in-progress without having to cancel and restart polyfilling (just Alt/Option-click the node that's currently part of the polyfill you're trying to create and it will be removed from the polyfill)

    • Export settings are now saved with the document and reused as the default choies when you go to export the animation again.

    • You can now use the < and > (actually it's "," and ".") to go forward or backward one frame.

    • Full documentation is in a separate "Stykz Help" app that includes detailed info for Pivot users looking at Stykz and for new users in general (a link to the 'Create Your First Animation' - one of the topics in the Stykz Help app - is on the Welcome Screen). Just choose Help > Stykz Help to bring up the app.[/*:m:3dpz9bte]

    The release of Stykz 1.0 coincides with a change to the Stykz web site, which is now cleaner and easier to use and has lots of great info about Stykz, including examples of Stykz animations created by forum members (some of which also allow you to download the related .stykz file so you can take it apart and see how the animator created the animation).

    Enjoy the new web site and the official release of Stykz 1.0!

    (Now I can get to work on the Linux version... ;-)


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