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    Another easytoon. Or the same one ...just finished

    hey every1 . this is my first ever easytoon. its quite short. i dont know if il do more. it depends if you guys think iv done a good or bad job ))(*

    just a blink and a tear

    Ending number one
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    The tear is awesome! It would look better if it wasn't filled in, though. The blink should go by very fast, btw. It should happen in at most three frames, unless your duration is really low(fast).
    I think you should continue it, by making the eye look over the side and then have it move off screen in that direction really fast. After that, do whatever. ^_^
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    Woah thats really good, there didnt seem to be any re-shape or anything well done


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    It was very well drawn, and I think it's pretty good for a first. It would of been a bit better looking if the tear had fallen a bit faster and maybe a few more droplets came. But still, nice job, I hope to see more stuff.

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    Yeah I'm not a big fan of easytoon, but that was nice for a first.
    I'd suggest more actiony things but that was a great way to start. The eye was great, and the blinking was nice.
    As everyone else said, the tear should've gone by quicker, and the tear shouldn't have been filled. Other than that I see no problem with the animation. Other than the eye doesn't move or anything. Just stays still.

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    Re: new easytoon

    Quote Originally Posted by fraz_mctag
    I have finished the blink easytoon and uncoloured tear and speeded up etc as you suggested. I also put an ending. Not the best but i tryed. I only did it in 5 mins. Il probably do a better ending. Thanks for the feedback guys!
    Yeah, you're not going to get much out of 5 minutes. :P The start owned, but as for the ending... *no comment*


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