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    mah easytoon thread :P

    hey guys,this is mah first try at easytoon :P
    [attachment=0:1fh09ien]min första easytoon(easytoon e askul).gif[/attachment:1fh09ien]

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    Tychus Findlay

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    Re: mah easytoon thread :P

    Not bad for a first man. It's kind of hard to tell whats going on, but for the most part it was entertaining. I like how the guy hit the camera and slowly slid down. Although you could of added like streak marks as he slid down or shown blood trails, just to make it more interesting. If I were you I'd download pivot and use that to help you with the basics in movement. When I first started animating I used easytoon, but I posted my animations in a pivot forum, so I learned what easing, stiffness, flow, and all the basics were by reading the comments people got on their animations and watching them improve. Anyways, you seem like a creative person. If you download pivot and work on your movements, you could be pumping out some really nice animations. Keep at it man, I'll be sure to keep an eye on this. Oh and thanks for the comments on my threads, even though one was about 6 months old. Appreciate it


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