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    OblivionFall's First 3D Animation

    Hey guys, I went to do a short course at an Animation school this week just been, and while I was there I got to use Maya for the first time. By the end of the week, I'd created a model, and completed an animation, my first in real 3D. I've had a little experience with modelling in the past, with the program Blender, but things in Maya work rather differently and it was hard to adjust. For what it was, I thought I did pretty well


    I might do a behind the scenes video later. That way, all of you can tell me about how I am 'doing it wrong' and etc. And it'll be great! I'm a complete N00B at Maya, and constructive criticism will be excellent for me

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    Re: OblivionFall's First 3D Animation

    I don't have words for it...

    You are very very very talented.

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    Re: OblivionFall's First 3D Animation

    I used Maya once and wow that was damn great. I don't know if i would be able to do something like this hahaha

    Oh yeah bumped dat shit
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    Re: OblivionFall's First 3D Animation

    I was in the UK when you posted this. Missed it.

    That was really cool. Boggles my mind completely, lol. I am pretty good with Sketchup (shut up it's something!) and I fiddled with modelling in Maya for a few days quite some time ago. I might download a pre-made and rigged character and try something with Maya if I still have it on my system.

    Keep us updated, would love to see what you can do if you have made progress since this.

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    Re: OblivionFall's First 3D Animation

    Wow, that was amazing. I don't know why I missed out on this, but thanks to Rofl's bump I guess. This is fucking ill, mate. I had no idea you were this pro.


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