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    Oct 2009
    I love this Ray! A little Easytoon nostalgia, brings me back.

    I loved the part were the fire bender melts the ice guys block. How it melted it away at a spacing that made the ice's properties believable. I have no nit picks as the whole thing was astonishingly clean like your usual work. But it regards to the ice melting scene, i think a nice little touch would've been a few little drips of water as it melted. Or maybe even a puff of steam to indicate the rapid evaporation of water. Anyways, i even loved the design some of the ice had. Like that particular pillar of ice that looked really prickly and detailed i guess, lol not sure how to describe it but it looked awesome.

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    Tychus Findlay

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    Sep 2009
    Thanks Firecracker! At one point I realized the melted ice needed to go somewhere, whether it dripped on the floor or evaporated into water vapor, but both of those are a little difficult to display in easytoon. It's hard to differentiate the two elements because there isn't color. I would of made this longer if it wasn't so frustrating to work on. I can't undo frame changes and it makes editing the animation a pain in the ass. I might try something like this in flash after the DDC12.

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