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Thread: TwigMax!

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    This thread is for TwigMax animations from everybody. Arguably the most promising piece of software for Stickfigure animation since Pivot, it isn't very big as of yet, but it offers so much!

    The program can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=91156

    I've made this thread to get the word out for this great program. It's still buggy but I think they will be ironed out if enough people show an interest!

    This is my first attempt, at first it was just a walk/run off screen but I found the program so intriguing that I had to carry on!


    Unfortunately you can only render in .avi right now but feel free to either post videos or hosted .tpf files!

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    Re: TwigMax!

    Just want to say, this is really very very cool. I have fiddled with it myself and it has particle effects, an awesome timeline similar to ones found in 3D software, tweening, opacity, polygons, individual colouring, etc. It's really worth checking out. I'll see if I can make something in it and upload it soon.

    This is the future, people, I swearz it!


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