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    The rise of Ikarhan...

    Alright, I am Ikarhan, flash animator that has started on Stykz, then got Flash *hum* by some way. I recently got back into Stykz to see how I would animate after this Flash experience... Surprise, I naturally resized my limbs, and turned out into a quite good animation. I asked Lithium for a comment, he helped me improve, and I am proud to present my animations BEFORE- AFTER !

    Before Flash :
    Noobie times
    ...Bad, isn't it ?

    This is after Flash...
    Combo 1
    Now that I look at the two, I realize how much I improved. That means : A LOOOOT.

    Thanks for looking at my thread, and please comment !

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    Re: The rise of Ikarhan...

    Moved to Other program section, this is where you post Stykz, easytoon and other various animating program animations.

    Keep it up, you're improving rapidly, and cool to see you joined the forum!


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