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    Does anyone have the .ezt file for this?

    I'm trying to get good at eztoon, and I'd like to use this ani as a tutorial for myself.

    If you can get it for me, I'll make you a custom stick.
    I have a quick question too. What is a tablet and what does it do?
    And, do you think this belongs in requests?

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    First of all Im not sure anyone has that file here and just set the time between each frame to 6 rather than leave it at the default of 20 : / it makes it a lot easier to make animations, and a tablet is a pen that plugs into your PC via USB and it makes it makes easytoon a lot easier because its like using a pencil rather than a mouse, which is way easier, tablets are around 100 dollars too.
    Google could have easily been used in this case too, searching 'Tablet for PC' or someting would have brought up things about them
    : /
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