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    Our character, Chuck, basically has the worst day of his life, on his way to his favorite fast food restourant, Mc Donalds.
    Moral of the story- This guy's day was probably a hell of a lot worse than yours
    Follow this link to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGaYcPnf ... RA&index=1

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    Wow, this must have taken a lot of time and effort!

    I enjoyed watching the same story in different art styles and some of the minimalist work was nice in between the more detailed scenes.

    I have a lot to criticize, but I can't knock you for your persistence. By the end you can clearly see vast improvement in your skills, especially when Chuck falls down the hill and the zombie chase. There were large chunks of time with no sounds or movement on screen, which could be used effectively as a story-telling technique. But it seems like you just didn't know what to put there.

    The timing is off in terms of action and drama and stillness. A lot of scenes are much less animation and more(or less, honestly) a storyboard sequence.

    The fact that you put so much time into completing your story over what obviously was many animating sessions and to do it all with pen(pencil) and paper is very commendable. It is a great practice piece and I'm sure you learned a lot from doing this.

    I can't wait to see what you do in the future, especially if you incorporate some of the unique aspects of this video into higher quality work. Things such as using different styles(pen thickness, shading techniques, simple effects, drawing influences, etc.), showing action in a sequence without the accompanying detailed background used in the establishing shots, and of course those pauses(perfect them and they will work well for you). Also, color haha. I sure as hell don't blame you for leaving it black and white, though. I steer clear of color myself.
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