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    sakua's drawings

    her is my newest pic http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs16/i/2007/ ... arioto.jpg
    it has wtermarks so no one will copy it and if you like it ill post more

    Y - Img tags removed due to hugeness

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    holy crap, thats really good, i like how you used the "line shading" technique
    i was never good at that style, or any other kind of shading ^_^
    you dont have to courtsey, but if you want to, click my sig
    and if i dont courtsey you, im on the toilet or im too lazy =D


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    Holy shit, thats friggin sweet!

    have you considered the tablet competition?
    the shading is class but the lower part doesn't look finished quite yet
    and nice anatomy, the figure looks great

    EDIT: actually maybe the right breast but other than that sweet
    Also I'll remove the [img] tags because they're massacring the layout.


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