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Thread: Gimp Shit

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    Gimp Shit

    Reason: Haven't made a sig in 2 weeks, i needed to break rust.
    Style: I went for a kind of swooshy space cloud style, with some subtle lightning.
    Colour: Duh, I wanted an orange-ish kind of scheme.
    Other parts: The background city is from Half life 2.

    Reason: I saw "Meet Ze Spy" And i thought this screenshot was hilarious, so I added some burn/dodging and blurring and pentooling, and I got this.
    Style: Went for pentool + sparkle kind of effect.
    Colour: None.
    Other parts: some brushes in there.

    Reason: More narutard shit.
    Style: Messy and cluttered.
    Colour: From the stock.
    Other parts: The stock was of the leaf village.

    Reason: Because I saw the render and I jizzed.
    Style: Vector, dumbass.
    Colour: Orange scheme
    Other parts: Used shitloads of brushes and scanlines.
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    Re: Gimp Shit

    Nice sigs, I keep I'm gonna download gimp.

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    Re: Gimp Shit


    That was a bump.


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