Copied + pasted from my Droidz thread (with minor changes)
Hi!!! This is my art thread, mostly made in paint.NET. Since I didn't see a Novice Art section here, so I posted it here. If I missed it, please tell me. Pictures of my newest and favorite art will be shown in thread.

7/26/09 - Updated this thread one new piece.

*TOTALLY NEW* (and my favorites)

My avatar

My sig

Sig I made for DIGITO (on Droidz)

Art for SOTW #20 (on Droidz)

My sig on Droidz (with my new custom brush set)

*Slightly old*
Wingin' It (I followed a tutorial for this one, too)
Kryptonite (I fooled around with a bunch of settings and plug-ins with this one) (possibly my favorite)
Glass ball (I followed a tutorial on this one)
Purple Comet (comet test)
Old avatar #4 (on Droidz)
Old sig #4 (on Droidz)

"Planetary Bodies" Series (in italic):
Planet Lens Flare Test
Jupiter with its biggest moons
Mercury (the planet's distance from the Sun is most likely way off)
Saturn with its biggest moons

Punk Girl
Glowing wrap bassist
My old sig #3 (on Droidz)
My old sig #2 (on Droidz)
My old avatar #2 (on Droidz)
Power Chord #1 (out of 4 versions)
Power Chord #2
Power Chord #3
Power Chord #4


First ever paint.NET pic
Anime eye (I know it's shitty)
First attempt sig (text illegible)
Old avatar #1 (on Droidz)
Old sig #1 (on Droidz)
Hurricane attempt #1
Hurricane attempt #2
Time Warp (w/ text)
Time Warp (w/o text)