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    Hayate's background flash gallery

    ok i know i already had a topic for my first background but im going to make an acctual topic for this....

    i am currently working on a background kit for flash with different skies, distant objects, foregrounds, indoor rooms, and mini props like rocks, trees, tabels for indoors, trash cans, and other stuffs and ill post the finished version here but in the meantime i will post demos of some level parts i have so far if you have any ideas or acctual background parts that you made and you would like to be put in this pack post here also i still need some rocks and trees along with a busted up version of each

    examples coming soon remember post ideas! (in the pack most parts will be in black and white but you can go in and edit the colors to your will like shown in these demos

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    This was actually pointless, for the main fact that you didn't post anything. Use your old topic.*Lockedered


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