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    Regular Member :::ZaMazta:::'s Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    at the end of the TRIPLE RAINBOW!

    ZaMazta's Picture Pimping Place.

    Do you want to shoot lightning out of your hands?
    Do you want to have devil horns?
    Do you just want a generally epic picture?
    Well if you do, just fill out this form and send it to me in a PM.
    1. *insert photo link* (must be hosted at tinypic.com)
    2. *any text, effects, or specific fonts you want.* (fonts must come from dafont.com or www.sostars.com)
    3. *what purpose the picture will serve* (put ALL uses here)
    4. *say please!*
    Copy that code, and put it in a PM to me.
    1. Host the picture on tinypic.com, if you do not host it there, I will not pimp up your picture.
    2. No retarded requests, I will NOT change your shoe color, buy new shoes if you don't like the ones you have.
    3. Custom fonts must be found on dafont.com, if not, I will use a font of my choosing.
    4. GIVE CREDIT. If I make you a pimped photo, and you show it off, I require credit, If you put a picture I make for you in your signature, then put "signature made by :::ZaMazta::: underneath it in any shade of red you desire.
    Comment and save a kitteh! Request and save a kitteh AND a puppeh! DON'T HATE TEH ANIMALZ! SAVE TEH ANIMALZ!
    http://i34.tinypic.com/23r1r9c.gif (I would show it here, but it is over 700 Pixels, so I can't put it here)
    Created for Coolio2039.
    My Art Gallery|My Youtube|My Website|My GIMP tutorial
    If you were awesome, you would look at my art.

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    Re: ZaMazta's Picture Pimping Place.

    i'd like a pimpy pic.... please
    fighting spirit font....... please
    lens flare...... please
    i already gave you the file



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