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    Depth Text Tutorial

    Some people wondered how I did my text in my DD Banner, so I decided to make this short tutorial on how to do it.
    Just straightaway, this process is VERY easy and can be applied to any text/background.

    For Noobs:
    [spoiler:1ih9mcek]I'm starting off a new document. These are just the settings I chose, they don't matter whatsoever.
    Choose whatever you like or continue a document already in progress, it doesn't matter.

    Select the type tool

    These are my text settings. MAKE SURE the color is white, nothing else matters, choose whatever font or size you like.

    Type whatever you like, I chose to type "Depth" as my text.

    Commit the text by clicking the checkmark on the top right.

    Make sure the text layer is selected, and change the Blend Mode from Normal to Multiply.
    This will make the text invisible, since Multiply removes white from the layer.

    Now I'll open the image I want to use as my background. Any will do, but I'm using a simple texture.

    I find my image and click Open.

    Once I've opened my new document, I select the entire canvas by choosing Select > All

    Then I chose Edit > Copy

    Now that my background is in the clipboard, I switch to the document with my text in it.

    Once I'm in my original document, I chose Edit > Paste

    By default, my background will be placed in a layer above my text. I want my text on TOP, so I drag my text layer above the background.
    (In the spoiler, I create a new document, make some pure white text, set the layer's Blend Mode to Multiply, and pull a textured background below it. You can skip all of it if you already know how to do those things.)

    Keeping the text layer selected, I click the FX icon on the bottom right of my layers panel to show my layer styles. Then I click Color Overlay.

    I select a pure black as my color, then bring the opacity slider down to 40%.
    This is to set the overall darkness of the text without any shading or highlights.

    On the left, I click Inner Glow, and change the color and settings to what is shown.
    This is to make a soft shade on the inner edges of the text, making it look lower than the surface of the texture.

    Here's where the meat of the effect come in, by using the Bevel and Emboss effect as shown.
    This is to show depth, darkening the top of text, and highlighting the bottom of the text.

    I decide the initial Color Overlay is too dark, so I select that Style and change it to 20%.
    You will have to make minor adjustments, depending on the brightness of your overall composition.
    Playing with the settings until it looks right is my recommendation.

    I add an Inner Shadow as shown.
    This makes the top of the text even darker, making the text feel deeper.

    Again, playing with the settings to make it look natural, I make some changes to the Bevel and Emboss.
    This is the main reason I use Layer Styles alot, because you can always go back and change something if it doesn't look right.

    This is my final result. It took something around 5 minutes to make. Obviously it's not perfect, but this is to show you the basic idea.

    Right Click > Save File As
    I used a font most of you wont have, but it's fine if you substitute it with your own.
    The effect stays regardless of the font.

    Layer Styles are beauty to use. You can Double-Click any of your existing styles to edit them. The same goes with the text I typed, you can change it to whatever you like later on. You can also click the Eye icon for each individual Layer Style to see the role they are playing in the layer.

    Another convenient thing about Layer Styles is that you can copy them and apply them each individually to other layers, so you could Alt-drag the effects to other layers to copy them. You can even copy Layer Styles to layers without text. So if you have a graphic that you want embedded with the text, just copy the styles over to it.

    Play around and have fun!

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    Re: Depth Text Tutorial

    Pretty good, Stickid, I'll have to try this out later.


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