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    Double-Framed Website Design

    I wanted to share the design I've been working on for a new invite-only general arts site I'm making. Let me know what you think, I'd like to hear some feedback about the design and anything you like or don't like.

    It's not entirely finished, right now I'm focusing on designing the forums from scratch. There's no front page or showcase as of yet.

    Login Page: http://i.imgur.com/XlAdY.png
    This page has a lot of fancy animated elements. Check it out at http://www.double-framed.com/

    Overall Layout / Main Forum Page: http://i.imgur.com/apjiT.png

    Notifications: http://i.imgur.com/JGh4t.png

    Drop Down User Panel: http://i.imgur.com/M3d7R.png

    View Forum: http://i.imgur.com/53Yf1.png

    View Topic: http://i.imgur.com/BuUZV.png

    Post Reply: http://i.imgur.com/076od.png

    User Profile Layout w/ Activity Stream and Sharing Thoughts: http://i.imgur.com/qlUcn.png

    Most of this is based on phpBB, but I developed a significant amount of what you see myself. The profile has a cover image like facebook or Google+ that you can customize. When you mouse over you can drag the cover image up and down to your taste, and you can choose a new cover image or upload your own.

    EDIT: I realize after posting this that it might also fit in the Web Development section, but I'm more interested in getting feedback on the design rather than the website itself, so I'm content with my choice. If any mod or whatever disagrees, please move it for me. Thanks!

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    Re: Double-Framed Website Design

    I'm loving the simplicity of the design :O The only thing that would bug me is the notifications tab. IMO it would make more sense for the glow to be inside the notification box than outside. That's the only thing wrong that I see :/

    PS I'm loving that you included the cover picture feature. It's great being able to customize your personal page.

    And if I could get an invite in the future? :3

    EDIT: Oh, my bad, I didn't realize that the glow was from hovering over with the cursor. I assumed it was some kind of special notification. Forget what I said.
    See You Space Honkboy...

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    Re: Double-Framed Website Design

    Looks really good so far, I really like the slick lay-out, but if you want me to criticize your creation, I'll give some of my feedback.

    First of all, I don't really like the logo (the one between 'double' and 'framed'), it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the site, I think a more bland and basic logo would do better. Just a shape or something.
    The forum lay-out looks great, but again the logo, I also think you should use a different image for the fora (the read/unread symbols).
    The drop-down menu looks cool, but the blue kinda forms a contrast, I would just make that also gray.
    Notifications look good too, I recommend adding a notification for people posting in a thread you posted in last, this is something I really appreciated on another site I went on.
    I think the option to have a font color option, instead of a font size button next to the title would be much more useful as people tend to color their whole post in the same color, rather than making it all the same size (besides default, of course).
    The symbols in the forum don't look really appealing to me, it's not as slick as the rest of the site. The topics look pretty good though.

    Overall, looking really good, I like the lay-out for the biggest part, the animations are great (liking the shaking of the screen when you log in wrong) and I love that you can upload banners, something I really liked from the old Newgrounds, definitely nice that you added that.
    Just great stuff, and I wouldn't mind an invite?

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    Re: Double-Framed Website Design

    That looks absolutely fantastic Jeff.
    Great work.

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    Re: Double-Framed Website Design

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm looking at possible designs for a new logo, although I like the current one because it perfectly fits in with the "double-framed" theme (it's 2 frames from the Flash IDE). I might try to incorporate that theme but in a simpler style.

    As for invitations, I'll probably give a bunch out later on when the site is more complete. Right now there's not much more than a forum, so there's nothing to do after the novelty of my custom programming wears off.


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