The art gallery allows you to showcase your work to other users. Art can be anything from different programs to hand drawn in this area. However it must comply with the following rules.

- Art must not be offensive in any way shape or form.
- Must be orginal, however renders / characters can be used as long as they have been manipulated and you have given credit where credit is due.
- Courtesy, remember it when reviewing peoples work.

If you are the author of the thread, and intend to make a substantial update to your thread even if its on a older page feel free to do so. However bumping threads with comments which has not been active for over 3 weeks will not be allowed.

New thread
If you feel you want a fresh thread, and your thread is on at least page 6 feel free to make a new one without staff permission, you may also want to pm a staff member to lock your old thread to stop people posting in it.