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Thread: Sml's Ani's

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    Sml's Ani's

    NOTE: Towards The Top Are Older Ones And Towards The Bottom Are Newer ones

    My First Beam

    Awesome Little Dude With AK-47

    Lightning man

    My Second Beam Back In Green

    Suicide (Kind Of)

    Defective Pokemon

    VolleyBall Mess Up

    Flip Throw And Stab

    The Matrix

    This Guy Is Magical

    This Is The Best Walking I've Ever Done

    Long Fight (My Friend Made Some Parts Of This So sometimes Its A Little Choppy)

    Running Loop Test

    My Best beam

    Mission Impossible (Not Finished)

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    you are super stiff, you need to move the back joints on your stick figure because it makes your animations stiff. Just work on moving al the joints at once in EACH FRAME
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    pretty stiff need to work like its a real guy. Try bahas ultimate tut that will help
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