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    Sniper+Blood+Swords+Effects+Beginner=This animation

    Credits:Pf0 for the kojo2,droidz for the sniper rifle and the scope.Creds to Bahamut for the sword and style of the sword and creds to bert for the beam.

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    a little choppy and the bullet went to slow
    credz to: TSU, Jon, frozen fire and sir wojak (PM me if i use your stks
    <3 List

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    The bullet went much too slow, hits him in the stomach when in the scope it's aimed for the head, the guy doesn't even flinch when he's shot, all of your sticks are made by someone else, it's pretty stiff throughout, and you're using Baha's style.

    You have quite a bit to work on, my friend.

    But it's pretty smooth, so you have potential.
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