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Thread: new ani

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    Fanatic Enthusiast Spaz's Avatar

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    Jan 2007
    GREAT Britian
    *Woop First Post* )

    Hm.. Good dog stk. :P.. But you should work on the basic stickmen before trying animals.. Unless of course your persifically wanting to do animal sticks.. Look at a fwew tutorials on basic movement.. You'll need to work on most things but you can easyerly get better if you try.. [[Remember dont let anyone tell you that your animations are crap]] Not saying they are..

    Just run some test's for; Walking; Running; Easing; Smoothness and Physics for now. You can run those test's for animal animations if thats what you wanting to do.


    Oh and Welcome To DD ))(*
    Evenin' - PM?

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    Feb 2007


    not my first post

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    Enthusiast Kazza's Avatar

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    Jul 2006
    that wasn't to good. the flip was choppy and the dog floating across the ground was like wtf. but keep practising. try to learn easing it's when you make a small movement then lightly bigger movements after then you go back into smaller movements.

    so like this e.g


    notice how it's small at the beggining then gets bigger into the midddle then gets smaller again? thats called easing it's used it EVERY ingle movement.

    hope this helped.

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    Feb 2007


    i dont understand..............

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    Enthusiast Mattns's Avatar

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    Sep 2006

    il explain

    ok let me explain what he is trying to say it

    the first frame, you move lets say the arm, in a small movement
    which is in his little example
    |-| <- a small movement

    then he has a little bit longer movement so

    start with small movement |-| then theb bit bigger movement |-|--| . which is 2 frames now

    then we have a |---| a medium movement, which is longer

    so |-|--|---| then
    |-|--|---|----| which is the peek that you will go too, then go back to smaller movements

    |-|--|---|----|---|--|-| which is easing, starting slow, getting bigger movements, then going lower movements again,

    basic easing,

    if you dont understand look at lf2 masters spacing tutorial, other then that, i just helped you


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    Mar 2007
    wrk n stiffness and choppyness, also have a look at baha's tut. it WILL help
    I hate cheese btw.

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