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Thread: My 2nd Movie

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    My 2nd Movie

    Oh , And Im New Here D:

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    Its good but you must work on your smoothness and try to make them look less stiff. Otherwise good job!

    Edit: Also you can shrink the gif by 1/2. That way it will look nicer for all of us to watch.

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    If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?
    Well, It isn't good to be honest.
    You need to Shrink it. Like Deja Vu said. + you should use the bottom code in Imageshack.
    (the one that says direct link)
    Look at Baha's Mega tut. Helped me.
    and......... Yeah. If you have been using pivot for about a month that would be a 6/10.
    Overall 3. But. your new. Takes practice.
    I've nearly been using it for a year and i'm not even Inter yet!.


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