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Thread: more anis

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    more anis

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    Didn't like it. Lots of Choppiness, No easing, Reading no tuts... Read some tuts on easing like Fraz's mini-tuts or Baha's tut. It may help you a lot.

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    Ok Dude u need a lot of work please go look at some tuts put some realisicm (i dont know if thats a word if it is i dont know how to spell it) if that was like ur first animation good job. ur better then my frend and hes been making pivot animations for like 2 years now nice job

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    Okay, first off...

    Use more frames.
    And in each frame, move the stick a small amount (or large, depending on easing)

    And, speed it up.

    I use 15 speed for my animations, and they come out fairly smooth.

    Look at fraz and nevs mini tuts, especially the ones in flash.

    But, for a first, it's pretty good.

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