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    MY PIVOTS (will update weekly)

    first off before we go throguh my stuff
    id like to say HI for those who didnt view my entrance hall post

    ive only got tests since all my other pivots suck
    i looked at tuts for these
    but i didnt like the tuts way of teaching so these are mixed styles
    including my own ideas

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    Those are pretty good.

    Especially if those are some of your firsts.

    But, like most of us here in the beginner's section, you got some work to do.

    Fraz's flash mini tutorials help a lot.
    They show frame by frame movements.

    Either way, you're pretty good for just starting.

    Courtesy?(Since I commented on your thread, please comment on mine, the link is in the 'xenomorph911's animations' ad.)
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