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    First Pivot EVER

    ok i just started yesterday
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    Haha, we've all been there, my best suggestion is to PRACTICE. Just keep making random animations and you'll get better.

    And check Baha's ultimate tut in the tutorial section, and then check out some more tuts there. Like easing/spacing for example.

    Keep it up and you'll get better.
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    Well, good for a first.

    Work on -

    Smoothness (They look like they jumped around randomly, use more frames.)
    physics (How things fall and such)
    Easing (See a tutorial, can't explain this.)
    Realistic reactions (When he elbowed the guy, the guy barely moved)

    See fraz's mini tuts in flash. They are AWESOME.

    Also, baha's tutorial helps a bit, but lacks specifics.

    They're over in the pivot tutorial section.

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