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    Jun 2007

    Keel's junk. Trunk not included.

    My very first pivot. Enjoy the crudeness.

    made with Pivot 3 beta.
    I'm a sonic the hedgehog fan. So what?

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    Jul 2007
    the naruto part in the beginning was good but after that it started gettin choppy and slower

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    Jun 2007
    Yeah I'm workin on that. The read me says it doesn't work so good at anything higher than 17 fps... Like I said im using the pivot 3 beta. Much more easier to use I think.
    I'm a sonic the hedgehog fan. So what?

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    May 2007
    Orange Park, FL
    Pretty good for a first.

    Look up some tutorials (Fraz and nevs mini tuts own all.)
    Use more frames. I have to tell this to everyone...
    And try moving every joint in every frame, it makes it look better for some reason.

    Also - Are those your sticks? If so, good job on making em! If not, I would credit who made em.
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