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    Junior Member
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    Feb 2007

    update:midget test.

    • my new pivot thread yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • sorry i know it's against the rule's to make new thread but other one died a painfull death
      and i also got alot better thease last few month's
      well i only made a few new ones yet cause i take my time now i youest to ruch and it lookd like hell on earth :S
      i do a lot better easeing now although i'm trying to do more adventureistic anims
      like climbing a rock lol
      btw if anyone would like to tutor me for like climbing jumping and falling feel free to pm or post

    • no spam.
      no flameing.
      cc please.
      no bumping!.

    • ok:
      in no order you can tell frol older to newer by how good it is lol:


    note:it laggs piv makes it look better but i cant be botherd puting piv there.

    • i update reguarly ok?..............

    Feel free to add me

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    Enthusiast Red Shore's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?
    Hey you have good anims but sorry buddy but i think you are only med begginer. you should work on physics and realistic movements. And also try to put your newest as an image that is already in your thread so people know that is how you Animate NOW.
    anyway they weren't the worst i've ever seen. maybe i was expecting more.

    Cuertesy. (Oh shit i forgot how to spell courtesy) lol


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