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    Dec 2006

    Beginners Hall! Helloooo DD!

    Hi everyone! My last thread disappeared so i'm starting a new one
    I know, they're all so damn choppy, but i'm 10 years old lol
    Here are my pivots
    ====Old and Gh3y====
    My first ani LMAO

    Eh, worth a try...
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v688/ ... propre.gif
    2nd test of my first ani ...??? *Edited by Picto because it was ruining the layout*

    ====New and uh... gh3y too?====
    First hal- err quarter-decent ani.

    Random. I don't know where this came from in my head.

    Beam/Blast test. Pretty happy with the results :S

    Ninja running test. Probably what you'd call smooth compared to other anis.

    Yay a test! Pwning one!!!

    Testing a beam charge which i used in my beam test

    SNIPED (features new sig)

    PWND by an ak47. also features new sig.

    I'm done! for now.... (not)
    Thanks people for the helpful comments! Now i'll start reading Baha and Fraz's tutorials....
    Woah! Your mom!
    OMFG A ROFLNAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thx jester for including a free ROFLNAZI lol in his forum

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    Jul 2006
    If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?
    meh their ok.
    i like your style dude! The james bond ones or wateva you call the first person shooting one. i have never seen stuff like that so nice imagination.
    Yet you animations are pretty glitchy and try and make the fram size smaller when uploading.
    the best way to upload is by saving it like this >_>

    top and bottom check list get ticked off.
    and if p3 you have 50% and 2 supersample.
    if Pivot 2 then you tick off top and bottom box and have 1/6 frame rate and 1/2 sized


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    Dont embed every video directly onto your post, my computer's lagging like crap, and I have high-speed internet!
    Check some tuts, those ani's are low-beginner.
    Hopefully you'll improve someime soon.

    *My thread is broken and locked right now (due to others bumping and filepact being shut down), so don't bother clicking the link.
    Quote Originally Posted by Iced
    oh snap, i hit the new topic button instead of the new reply.

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    Eating your pills.
    Hey, you really need to work on stiffness choppyness, easing and the rest of the basics, but youre a begginer, so youll improve over time, like all of us. Keep animating and keep this thread updated and you have good ideas.

    Courtesy? Since I commented on your anims comment on mine, link in sig. Dont forget to vote!
    Courtesy? Click on my sig.

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    Ontario, Canada Where the Bagged Milk IS
    meh pretty good for a 10 year old if i do say so myself AND they are getting much better!!
    keep up the good work and read Baha's tutorial and also go through all of fraz and nevs tutorials their great and will help you a lot

    Courtesy ?
    My Animations | Forum Rules| Tutorials | DD Collab

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    Jun 2007
    in my chair
    Read this man. youre kinda good for a 10 year old. Good creativity you have which gets inters. but look at frazs tutorials. I started Pivot at 10. Now im 11 Check my thread to see how far i got in 2 years of work.

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    Aug 2007
    South Carolina, USA
    That first one was really cool, and fast paced,
    and i thought that beam was pretty good.


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