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    Aug 2007
    i started pivot in june

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    Jul 2007
    Sorry...that was bad, it wouldn't be hard to improve though, take a tut or two. it was extremly stiff! you should try and move every joint every frame.

    making the lines appear becuase you can't run or jump or such isn't a good idea, you can use it at the right time but the way you used it didn't work out very well...try to ease it, i cant make an example with yours cuz you cant use it much but...

    say when your making an ani you do this with each movement

    |---|---|---|---| the same space each frame. you should try it like this

    |-|--|---|---|--|-| it makes it smoother. look at baha's tut and it should help you.

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    in your refridgerator.......
    u dont realy move them to were there suposed to go u just teleport them to wich ever pose u want u have to take the time and patience to move them little by little to the proper pose then u will improve
    sopz fails

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    Keep all your animations in one thread.



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