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Thread: Jimbobs stuff

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    Fanatic Enthusiast James's Avatar

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    Aug 2007

    Jimbobs stuff

    Ma pivots!

    Jump Test -A jump test combined wid a uppercut which is now smoother!
    Run test- My run test which is now smoother also!
    Bowling test- My bowling test! One of my smoothest pivots yet!

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    Jul 2007
    Corby, England.

    Re: James stuff

    That was pretty smooth. You should of put a floor at the bottom and worked on the gravity a bit more but it looped very nicely.
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    May 2006

    slow it down a bit

    slow it down a bit and put some ground on other than that its good except for the jump was too choppy.

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    Aug 2007
    Ontario, Canada Where the Bagged Milk IS
    The run was very choppy and it needs to be more smooth, go read some walking and running tutorials from the master list, you should read baha's tutorial especially the part on easing cause you need to work on that, the jump would have been smooth if it was faster but it seemed like you double framed the whole jump :S and the run was just really sketchy, work on that stiffness and physics and in no time you will be a good pivoter
    i said good, not great ;D


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