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    Fanatic Enthusiast Niall's Avatar

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    Aug 2007

    NiallTL's Awesome Animations!! (I hope)

    Hi guys,

    I have been in pivot for about a month now, and I have been looking round the forums for a bit, and I have decided I would like to see what level I'm at.


    1. Some trampoline-backflip-headspin shiz: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... in01kr.gif

    2. A 3-D double kick: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... ck7top.gif

    3. A guy smashes his head into the ground: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... esgpu8.gif

    4. Same thing, but on two guys: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... esebej.gif

    5. Fresh Air'll Do You Good: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/NiallTL/freshair\

    6. Loosy Goosy (lol): http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... syyu3f.gif

    7. A Short Fight Modeled after Jon's 'Fight' on Droidz: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... hthw99.gif

    8. Short Fight 2: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... t2zawd.gif

    9. Short Fight 3: http://www.pivothost.org/upload/v2/Nial ... t3cgig.gif

    Please leave comments and tell me what to improve on - I am always open to constructive critisism!


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    Jul 2007
    id say ur about a med to high begginer if any1 want to argue feck off
    Domade says:
    i am GOD!!!!!!!!!
    Aaron says:

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    im a dick
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    and jane
    Domade says:
    u are bubcapinice
    Aaron says:
    i am crack cocanie


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    Aug 2007


    Ur Animations n test wer really bad too me but....Better still u can add in some punches n Fliping with the 3-D Kicking Action n Ease!!!

    It Be Better...
    Everything Is Reborn....

    I Will Reborn To The Final Battle and It's The End For Humanity

    ((@)) Lolipop!

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    Dedicated Member Kote's Avatar

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    Nov 2006
    Orange Park, FL
    :/... Well, those comments weren't very helpful.

    Good tries with your animations.On the guy cracks his head anim, I didn't really like how it slowed down when he hit the ground.
    It takes a while to get used to pivot, so don't worry.
    There are several things I'll point out that you need to work on, which are easing, stiffness, and realistic movements.

    Easing is like how an object gains speed and then slows to a stop (unless it is in space).
    Here's my example: http://www.filepact.com/files/ezing.gif
    and here's my piv for it: http://www.filepact.com/files/ezing.piv

    ^ That's how the movement spacing should be. Try using it when a stick is in action,
    like walking or punching, or whatever.

    Stiffness is, well, stiffness. Here's an example of stiffness: http://www.filepact.com/files/stiff.gif
    It has a little bit of easing, but the arm is stiff.

    Here's an example with no stiffness in the arm, at least I think: http://www.filepact.com/files/unstiff.gif
    and the piv: http://www.filepact.com/files/unstiff.piv

    Now he looks like he's actually waving to you. Unstiffness, or whatever, is a key to make realistic animations.

    Realistic movements are just that. If you wanna be unrealistic, I guess you don't have to read this.
    This is an unrealistic movement: http://www.filepact.com/files/unrealmovment.gif
    It's crap right?

    But with the magic of easing and unstiffness, you make : http://www.filepact.com/files/rmovment.gif
    and the piv: http://www.filepact.com/files/rmovment.piv

    Not perfect, but hopefully you get the idea.

    You should also look for a tremor tutorial, or a tut that contains it.
    Oh, and you should look at Baha's ultimate tutorial if you haven't already, but you've probably.

    You can study those pivots and try making tests like mine, if you want.

    Just trying to help, and because the last comments weren't that helpful.
    Longest post I've made probably .


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