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    n00b signature, please rate

    Well, I made it this afternoon cause I was bored and I think it's ok seeming as it's my 3'rd animation. Please rate it!

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    your anis are not choppy and not smoth you must look on bahamuth's tutorial O.K?

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    The animation is very choppy. You need to work on most things. Practice movements and physics. And practice easing (lf2masters spacing tut) Look at the tutorial master list and lok at mos/all of the tuts. Read them thoroughly and follow them. You should improve quickly!
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    :_) only make a new thread if your old one is on like page 5 or up and this one is a lot better than the ones in your other thread your getting better fast )
    my thread its full of hentai!!
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    work a lot of physics and try easing
    Look at bahumut's or another tut in the master list for more detail on easing.

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    Well...I would say 4/10. Mostly because of the size of the stickmen and also because of the choppyness. But the 4 is for good effort.

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    Holy shit BYBY! Thats the biggest bump I have ever seen!!! *Locked*


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