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Thread: Super Slugger 2

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    Sep 2007

    Super Slugger 2

    I fixed a few flaws in the body build of the super slugger, same guy, and a little different moves.

    Here are some of my previous animations.
    Super Slugger
    Falling and swiming test

    Wargod(Note: try not to bash it too hard, it was my 4th animation.)

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    Aug 2006
    Suomi - Parola
    Umm, dont start a new thread, if you make a new anim. Thats just crappy dipshitting... Umm, yeah, u need to work A LOT! If u ask me. The anim was really Boring, coz the dude moves only one joint. U need to move every joint, AND hey, it will be noticed, every single bug, so you need to fix all. And think realistic, plz. Coz, do you move like that? If you hit, is your arm, the only thing that moves?

    Remember to ask yoursel, do i do my punch (Or whatever) In real life, like that???

    Good luck!!!

    Call me Omnibus.


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