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    anonomous' animations

    This is where i will place my animations. I dont have many, At the moment i have two that are worthy of the internet.........

    Matrix style fight

    Lithium Haze

    Please rate each one out of 10 and tell me what you think.

    :-({|= \/ \/

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    All over the world as 1.5kg pieces.
    Sorry for not to rating your videos, but i have something to say. You could take some tuts and get your movement on good and safe "basic level". The start of this tut MIGHT help you to do that. http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=22662 its made by Baha so its a good tut.
    The idea of that last ones wheelchair idea was pretty funny and i would like to see something as hilarious in future (with improved movements of course).

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    106 is fumpin', pumpin' up in this hoe, for sho, my bro
    I'm guessing this guy was banned for some reason, and this is very old.
    [center:3mdlh4lx]Fuck you. Cunt.[/center:3mdlh4lx]


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