Yo it's tdawg41000 from droidz. i posted teh suckiest animation here before but im back. im on droidz alot and will stay there.


Slam Dunk (Dunk failed):

Ball Throw (Flip Phailed):

Orginz (lolzorz end was fail) :

DarkBert Tribute (Wont be continued):

PW With DarthSunny:

A Small Fight with my New Sig:

A Small Fight with my New Sig

A new joint im starting with biohazardous

Entry for Hardest Hit Collab

Base Battle
The base that winz is mah new siggeh. Choppy in parts. Not mah best.

PMDX Newest Trib
My newest funny trib.

PMDX New Trib
Another funny one.

PMDX New Trib 2
I think it's funny.

PMDX New Trib 3
Another funny one.

Pivot War with Horrible Pain
He won by a mile though .

Default Punch
A simple thing i did with the default.

Ninja Nick never made a better animation, prolly won't for a month or two. Rate plz.



XiaoXiao Theme

My Crappiest:

My try at beginning a movie
Epic Phail. . .

Armpit Farting
I'm weird okay?

Funny Kick
Funny kick without the funny.

Sniper Shot
A sucky animation with a great DD stick.

Retarded Dance
Ummm. . .Don't ask.

Default Slide
Regular and Nubish

Slow Motion Matrix
Disgrace to the Matrix

Spike vs. Ninja
Crappy fight, crappy sticks. No point at all.

Always Someone Bigger
Horrible Animation, with a funny point.

James Bond?
Nope. Not James Bond.

Short Fight
Nothing to be proud of.

(I tried to make a movie)
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
(If you just watched all 5 scenes, you must be bored )

Nothing Kul
I tried to make a stickman fly. I really did try. But what happens when tdawg tries!?!

Running Into a Wall
My attempts at PMDX's work. Funny right? I didn't think so either.

Midget's Revenge
Not funy, special, or important.

Ninja vs. Spike 2
My first animation I was proud of.

Default Wrestling
Meh, it's okay. Entertaining but choppeh.

PMDX Tribute 1
Not even good enough to be a tribute. How sad. . .


Ninja Nick Attempt

Pivot Randomness

Blood Tutorial

XiaoXiao Sound Effects Test

REAL Tribute To PMDX

Beam Tutorial

Pivot Running Tutorial

Legacy of Dogs:

When i got pivot, I immediately started to search for stickpacks. I found one, and my first sig was a goku type guy. I decided that the default sucked, after I moved on from my first sig, I finally got the name tdawg41000 on my YouTube account and stuck with it, andI made an edited version of the default called "Default Dawg" His backbone was flexible, and had a better stance. I moved on to an XiaoXiao Guy that I called "Beamdawg" which is where i started the whole beam thing. I moved on to a ninja I found and named it "Ninja Nick", and he was a part of my med beginner transformation. I recently got a new sig that was a simple base I called "TBase" but he got hard to animate with so I found a new one, but I haven't named it.