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-A couple of my friends
I can't remember everyone, so if you see I have used one of your stk.s and I didn't give you credits, plz tell me and I'll add credits for you immediately.

My newest, free fall, is probably my best animation. Ever. You shut up, I said EVER. ... llv0g8.gif

This is a nice blood test I made trying a new style. Don't pay attention to the movements, just the blood.

This one was fun to animate, and also a challenge, but it turned out good, except it looks a little slow in GIF, so the PIV link is underneath it. ... ple6t4.piv


A jump test, flip test, and roll test al in one! ... stw7vt.gif

I was bored and I made a new stk. What else was I to do? ... esbsht.gif

Some random stick guy vs. a Wu. Who will win? ... vs7y7g.gif

I was searching through Droidz and found a crate stk., so I decided to have some fun with it. ... sstn8j.gif

A few default stk.s fight for my amusement. ... htsumd.gif

Awsome walk test. ... stawyc.gif

Movements test or something.... ... _2cema.gif

The perfect skateboarding loop. ... op3gg9.gif


A crazy man brakes into a mobster's hideout and commits suicide. (The file is too big for me to save in GIF format, so it's in PIV format) ... onz3oa.piv

This was mostly done for humor, not movements, but if you go by that, then it sucks. ... liikaa.gif

Crazy Joe is his name, doing stunts is his game! ... oek10q.gif

I made a new uber cool stk. and decided to test it out. ... un512u.gif

I was out o' ideas. ... t_vsa4.gif

Watch for extreme headache, and possible head explosion. ... tchrec.gif

I'm sure you've seen the famous EZ toon animation "The Door". Well, I decided to make my own version in pivot. (Again, twas too big for GIF, so tis PIV) ... orl9xv.piv

A random sequence. (This is also in PIV form, but it shouldn't be. My comp. was just being an R-tard) ... ce1gir.piv

One of my friends likes coke and randomness, so I made this for him. ... nyzzq9.gif

A super powers test (very rushed). ... estu2j.gif

Walk AND run test. ... est1a8.gif


A fight dedcated to my friend. (PIV, not GIF, you know why) ... htsgk8.piv

Gravity changer. ... eruw8t.gif

Coke madness dedicated to a friend. (My comp. is still being an R-tard, so it's PIV form) ... er024l.piv

Blood and weapons test. (Comp. is STILL being an R-tard, so it's PIV) ... stg2r4.piv

Bad, no, TERRIBLE run test. ... st73nb.gif