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    Flashm8's Thread

    Hi! I am frm AH and started anmating using pivot a few months ago.If you visit this thread plz R8. Don't be a lurker.


    Kick Test

    Skate Grind


    My Animations (newest to oldest)

    Kick Test- Realised my kicking suks so i made this after looking at a tut.

    Skate Grind - made another skate ani think the jump was bad.

    Ollie - i suddenly was into skateboarding so i made this

    Evil Cursor - i made it in 10 min . a rushed idea

    Revolving - ijust tried to make a 3-d effect thingy

    Gunshot - rusty

    Arm Pull - Have not animated in ages so made this with some new stiks.

    Distracted - lol

    Speed -

    Sword throw - I decided to practise on my weapons.

    Light Test- Did this test after watching a tut.

    Sword shock - Have not animated for a while so i made this.

    Effects Test - just another test

    Prison Break 1 - watch out 4 the sequel!

    Spidey Run Test -

    Physics Test -

    Easing Test - I wanted to improve my easing so I did this.

    Division - Did not animate 4 a long time so i tried something simple.

    Sniper - A short movie.

    Midget Wrestling - JUst Plain Wrestling. N tried testing my speed trail . ;D

    Toilet joke - Tried to make a funny ani. *LOL* :P

    Fire Test - Tried a test on the Fire Element. ;D

    Happy B'day uncle - An ani 4 my uncle's B'day. ;D

    Random Fight 3 - I tried doing a beam again as it was long since i use the beam stk. 8-)

    Random Fight 2 -

    Skate Test 2 - Tried this after seeing a tut. ;D

    Random Fight - Made this out of boredom.

    Blood Test 3 - LOL! ;D He was shot in the head but he still lives.

    Orb Part 3 - Just Nice.

    Orb Part 2- One of the guards jumping really bad. Can anyone give me tutorials on jumping?

    Swords Test - I'm not very good at weapons.

    Orb - I sorta like it. Watch out for part 2.

    Ps2 - Me, its okay.

    Guitar Test - I like this one.

    Lazy Stick - 1 of my best.

    Blood test2 - Just nice and funny. lol

    Blood test1 - lol.

    Beam test 2 - My best. Of course not counting the ones that i will make. ;D

    Line Rider 2 - Okay for me.

    Line Rider - made this as i was bored. ;D

    Skate Test - Just experimenting my new skateboard figure. ;D

    Walk Test - Juz learned how to walk. So tried to do a walk test.

    Stick Fight 2 - Sequel of Stick Fight

    Stick Fight - well... not my best. :-[

    Beam Test - juz okay.

    Life of a stick - My first ani .[/color]

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    Hey, there. Nice to see a new member... most of the time, lol.

    The main thing about your animations is they're way too fast. Try using easing with your movements, of which there are plenty of tutorials about in the tutorial section. That was nice that you made your uncle an animation for him . On the fight 2 animation, it doesn't even look like the knife stabbed the guy when the blood came out. Make sure to stick the knife deep into the stickman before you make him bleed .

    Well, there's a few little things I could say, but the main thing you should focus working on is easing. Possibly movements too. Just take a look at the tutorials section, and there will be many tutorials that can help you with easing and movements. Sorry, but I think you are low beginners :s... For now.

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    Tnx 4 the tip. Will check out the tut section.

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    this guy needs a lot of training. ur a low beg, but i hope u read some tutorials. the physics was off and they are bit stiffy.
    still keep working

    I never really was on your side...

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    Thx TomD. Actually in AH i'm inbetween low and med. Will check out te tut section.

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    Your animations are original and clever but you need to work on the gravity and the easing in them! Work on this, look at some tuts and you will be on your way, if you come up with more good ideas!

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    My latests

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    Malaysia =3


    Finally!! I'm from Malaysia yar neighbouring country, looking for some Malaysian Singaporean Indonesian Animators here.. Definitly Low beginner.
    Sorry, but the physics were off. When I was you I catch up on some awsome skills
    and I'm ready to be interz! So don't worry bout your skills, yall getcha to ELITEZ!
    It depends on your SOUL!

    Credz Chakra <3
    I'm back with a new personality. D:>
    And I could see you OMGing right thar.

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    Ok, get launched out of a canon, hit by a bus, struck by lightning and you'll be no where near me.
    there smooth and everything
    but u forgot the effect that
    wind has on a guy will he fly's
    through the air but good job.

    (sig by Chaotic Kid)

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    Your getting there, you need to work on easing and realistic movements
    work on those and watch some tutorials.


    OMG I HAVE A COLLAB!. but i cant do code so here it is
    it be about finall fantasy ^.^

    The king is here.


    (")_(") bunnies will pune you noobs!

    Animations coming soon.

    My youtube: http://www.youtube.com/KingChubbles

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