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    Oct 2007

    You think I'm doing okay so far, I started 3 months ago...

    A quick animation, that I made today.
    Do you think Im any good???


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    Sep 2007
    I'm not gonna tell you, you predator! Jk.

    It doesn't matter whether you're in Hall 1 or 2

    Dude. That poll is useless. Anyone can start off on Beg Hall 1 or 2. There only is two halls to deal with the massive amount of users.

    Anywho... I think that you should ease a heck-a more, which means that things should start off slow, gain speed, then end slowly. See tutorials for more help. Also, his body is too stiff when he walks.

    So, like, yeah that poll is dumb. It doesn't matter where you start.

    Quote from The Beginner's Guide to Everything:

    Forum Things
    This is the beginners hall. Both beginners hall 1 and beginner hall 2 are the same, but it was split into 2 different forum's to let you guy's get more attention.

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    Jul 2007
    Liek in your bed stabbing your pillow
    dude.. trying to get urself to Inter,thats low beg is stiff and choopy is nothing smooth
    and Duck 0 Duck is right the poll is useless anyone can start beg 1 or 2 but ur not even a

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    Oct 2007
    In ur bed , doing nasty things with ur GF
    Im sorry but if u have been animating 3 months and u can only do that...
    that aint so good. Also if u cant walk, DONT WALK .
    Only good things r stk.'s but it seems like they r from droidz.
    if the stk's were made by you i'd give u low beg.
    work on easing walking choppyness, all the beginner stuff.

    Ty teh1337animater for teh1337(not)animated sig =D

    RED TEXT'S SUCK...Ow Crap <.<"


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