Here are sum of my anims.

Latest:Wraparound kick:

Matrix: -Matrix.Kewl i really like this 1. ;D ... ingxo8.gif -good walking ... nimtx1.gif -my latest. I like this. -fluent movements i don't really like this 1 -kick mmm, this 1 isn't very good -Step, meh. ... uteym1.gif -pivot tribute. i like this. ... ncese6.gif -ball bounce. I luv this 1!!! ... esejy9.gif -death by cheese lol its funny. ... ghtcl9.gif -dogfight meh. -john_rob. this is my a sticks life stk robbing a guy. -this is a stick doin sum stuff lol
and btw what am 1? Eg:med begginner

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