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    Nov 2007
    A place...where Trogdors roam free

    Firebanesword's Animation thread.

    So, in ascending order, I'll post all of my anims to this date.

    Most Current: (my 23rd animation)

    All others:
    22 The first animation after I made my Sig Sticks.
    21 My 1700-odd frame animation
    20 Actually one of my better animations...
    19 The start of the Moderator series, which has now been upgraded to Admin. Like me!
    18 This one just completely blows. I admit that this is my WORST since the first few.
    17 I don't understand my logic with some of these animations...
    16 What was I thinking, you might ask? I truly don't know...
    15 Rociru vs. FBS
    14 This is where I learned my signature flip-kick.
    13 One of my better early animations...
    12 This was for the first Pivot Tourney
    11 This is just plain retarded...
    10 This is lame...
    9 Teh Bowstaff PWNS all weapons...
    8=??? I lost it somehow...
    7 A pivot I made after seeing a BK commercial for the Simpson's toys in their kid's meal thing.
    6 Bloody...And I don't know why it is so...
    5 The title describes it accurately...Completely Random
    4 Wow...this was really choppy...
    3 A loop competition animation.
    2 An animation I made back before the Great Crash...(lol) anyway, it stinks.
    1 I don't know how this is number one...I don't think I even have my original pivots.

    Thanks for blowing your time.
    Randomness is my middle name...

    The statement below is true.
    The statement below is false.

    Courtesy??? <-- click teh word to give it

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    Sep 2007
    The place you least expect me to be; your breadbox.
    that was pretty good overall.

    work on chopiness and stiffness and you'll rank up rather.

    but for now, med beginner.

    Please give me courtesy, I beg you!

    YOu know you whant to click here

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    oh snap, i hit the new topic button instead of the new reply.


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