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Thread: i need help

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    i need help

    how do i upload my first pivot file to here? i suck at pivot lol but how do i upload it

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    Uuuuummm...Over there!!!
    Okay, first you go to pivothost.org and you sign up there. Then you upload it there and copy and paste the link into a new topic on darkdemon.org in the beginners hall.
    And then, we'll see how good you really are.

    http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=32218 < click on that for courtesy.

    If you think I am high beginner then.....you....uuummm..........
    you....you smell like cheese!!!! Yeah, you smell like cheese.

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    go to photobucket.com sign up on there get the img code and copy it then post on here or

    Go to http://www.pivothost.org and up load ur gif there and post img code there

    if u ask how i make a gif

    Get pivot and when u save a animation click the arrow after it says save as type and click animated gif or wat ever then go to photobucket or Pivothost,org and upload gif there and get img code there and post up on forums and ur good
    My site its building up Come check it out give some ideas how to make the site better join to



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