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Thread: Some animations

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    Sep 2007
    you should know... i'm looking at you.
    nice dude the only thing I see you need to work on is your fighting look up tuts and youll be intrz in no time.
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    Your high beginner, one thing I noticed is when you did the uppercut the fist didnt move much. Like the one guy said you'll be interz soon. Courteshnaw?

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    Firstly, 5-spot, that is so not a courtesy worthy comment. An informative direction in ways to a tutorial. Hah, fail.

    Otherwise, your animations are very smooth. I like how you won't see a random joint fly out of nowhere or the actual stick fly. I've seen a few inters even do that, with one frame with a joint somewhere, and you don't even know where it is in the next frame.

    On your beam test, you got the whole feel of a blast down, but not enough to keep going as a beam. It's nice and all, but not good enough.
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    really like that beam it looks good, and there were some good movements leading up to the beam also.
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    Aug 2007
    wow. very nice. the first few r good but they seem to get choppier the lower they go. i would love to see a full fledged fight from u.

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    Sep 2007
    nice work =3 i especially like the lighting thing in the firetest anim. you should use that if you ever do a gun anim. i'd say if you make a nicely detailed, long anim you'll be in inters in no time =] (try using the trail effect) im definetaly voting borderline, i hope my vote helps =D.

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