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    Oct 2007
    in your mom if ya know what i mean XD

    i also use endorphin and flash(hopefully ill be posting some of that)soooo....yah

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    Sep 2007
    First of all, you've got some originality going, good game. But you need to move every limb in every frame when animating, otherwise it'll look really stiff and choppy. I recommend you look through Baha's master tut, it'll teach you all the basics, and Fraz and Nev's Mini Tuts, they help loads as well.

    Keep it up!
    Courtesy means if someone makes a sensible comment in your thread then it's just polite to return the favor, given that they have a link to their thread in their sig/post.
    My link is the 'Animations' link in my sig, may you please comment on my anims(or in other words, courtesy?) ;D thanks

    Yay 200th post!


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