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    PINKSHEEPS ANIMS!!--Bodyboarding piv.. I Give courtesy O_o

    PinkSheep"]Welcome to mah Thread!!![
    Please rate my anims and leave a comment, i give courtesy but not for stupid comments like good anims or add more etc.

    Bodyboarding (pretty crap, friend made it and made me add it..)
    -- friend made 98% of this.. lol. Bodyboarding pivot, took us so long couldn't be bothered to make the wave move.. so thats why its weird..

    Newest Noob defult got owned by teh boxzorxz


    http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x...gif]Lol midget
    Noob Defult got owned by teh boxzorxz
    Some weird arm thing - i was so bored... lol
    funny run thing - didn't turn out as intended but.. was that run thing how you kinda slide backwards, it has a weird arm thing. lol, it is realy shit :P
    Very 1st animation ever Very 1st animation i did, put it on here so you can see what i made better in the animation under me
    1st animation done up this is the animation above me done up abit i changed some things because i couldn't be bothered to make him move so much. This is bad because it was one night and i was tired... and bored
    Donut Chaser
    Midget Roll Loop
    Randomisty a result of boredom
    Revenge of the lightpole?
    Ball Pwnage
    Defult got owned
    Don't Mess With the ninjahs


    French guy got pwned
    Backflip Disaster1
    Backflip Disaster2
    Army Thing


    1st person basketball bounce
    Zoom Test
    Walking Test
    Roll Test
    Camera Movement
    My New running style - Anyone for meh new run style.... anyone??
    <---Click for Free Pie!
    Credz to Endless for Pwntagon sig
    Animations . || .Art

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    behind you
    hah! ninja throwing car.. i liked that. you still seem to be a low beg, you need to work on realistic reactions, blood, and easing

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    Im inside your head, turning you crazy.
    Low beginner, your newest is unrealistic since the wave stays still the whole time, and it was slow and choppi and you need to ease more, i suggest reading some tutorials to imrpove.


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